Friend or foe?

Recently my last single friend started dating. And what a surprise to find out that after only two weeks, she's moving in. Must be her biological clock that's ticking, or THE FEAR, the fear of ending up alone, going to parties without someone holding your hand, or someone to brag about in public. After she moved in with the latest love of her life we attended a party together. Did some dancing, had a few cocktails and were having a blast. Then all of a sudden she asks me: "Do you like be single? You should really be more open to relationships. Don't you feel alone?" Well, thanks hon'! That pretty much screwed up my evening. Ofcourse I feel alone, but not because I am single (which by the way, is not a carefully chosen lifestyle) but because my friends are boycotting me more and more! I am single, therefore I am a threat to them. They don't have time for me anymore, but when they get the chance they take every opportunity to brag about their happiness and make "single" look like the next dangerous desease. Seriously, if having a boyfriend changes a friend to a foe, I am happy to be part of the new single-epidemic. My medicine? Booze and cigarettes, and in this case, maybe some new friends?

When a guy asks "Why are you still single?" it's a compliment, seeing as they don't understand why such a lovely person hasn't been snatched up yet. But when a girlfriend asks the question, it makes you feel something is wrong with you. Because honestly, what could you possibly say to answer this question? If you anwer it with "I actually like being alone and don't need a boyfriend to complete my life" then everybody looks at you like you're pathetic! And what is with the awardwinning comment: "Don't worry, it will happen for you!" Does it look like I am worried? No, I look terribly fabulous, and that's that!


The apartment we dream about...

Hi there, it's me again; the eternal optimist! ;) Today I went shopping for a new apartment. Was looking for something a little bigger than my current housing space and with a separate kitchen and bathroom. Seems like a reasonable thought, doesn't it? Boy was I wrong! All I found were tiny rooms where the shower is next to the kitchen sink, which is placed next to the foot of the bed. Not to mention the "allure" of the neighborhood! And all of that for a lousy 1500 dollars a month; sure, because I make loads of money and enjoy living in a closet!

My parents keep asking me why I don't want to find a place of my own, since I am hitting 30 and all (dude I am only 26!!) well here's why; it's depressing, not to mention impossible! Mom and dad were already disappointed with the fact that I STILL do not have a boyfriend, let alone live with a roommate, whilst my sister is popping out her 3rd child age at the age of 28, just waiting to dress it up with the latest Tommy Hilfiger outfit and secretly hoping that the color of her newborn’s eyes will match her Prada shoes… Well, she has different problems ;)

Anyway, just wanted to share this frustration with you today. If you are still dreaming about the perfect apartment in the perfect neighborhood for a reasonable price; do yourself a favor and give it up. Look around; is your current place really that bad? Or did you just decide that it was….


The reality behind vampires

Women I ask you; what is it with us and vampires these days? Is it their leather jackets, their strength and speed, their craving for our bodies? A lot of people say that it's the combo of the dangerous protector that lures us women into their bloody caves. But let's be honest; if vampires would look like a bald Austin Powers on a Charlie Sheen diet, would the specie still be winning? If you ask me, it's the cute faces of our dreamy TV vamps that won us over in the first place.

A decade ago we crushed over musical stars smoking too much cigarettes, riding motorcycles, bursting into song, and don't even get me started on Dirty Dancing. What do all these men have in common? They're hot; yes, wear leather; yes and.. (spoiler alert) they are totally and utterly fake! They don't exist. Shocker, I know. But Twilight... is not a documentary! People cannot climb trees in the blink of an eye, wolves do not speak English and if you meet a guy that wants to bite you, please call 911 immediately.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the idea of vampires, but ask yourself this, do we love them because they are vampires, or because they are sugarcoated with the faces of the likes of Robert Pattinson? If you could choose, wouldn’t you rather get kissed by Ian Somerhalder than bitten by Damon Salvatore? Well, I know what I will be dreaming about tonight ;)


Why perfect men are gay

Ok, let’s talk about romance first, every girls’ favorite topic. Or at least it has to be, since there is an entire film industry based on it; based on the hope that gentlemen do exist, that guys actually organize picnics, drink wine, talk about literature, take you on boat trips and do not think of you naked during a date. Yeah, right…

I am a sucker for romantic comedy, but the thing is: this would NEVER HAPPEN in real life. Let’s start by shaking this fairytale right now shall we: Men like beer. Men like sports. Men do not want to talk about you. Men think about sex all the time and if you are still looking for the perfect guy; stop it, he’s gay!

I was looking for romance for a long time. The result; I am single, have a cat and my best friend is a gay guy. Which is great and I love them both, but honestly.. getting a date when you only go to gay bars and talk about your cat is not really working, no matter how good-looking you are ;)

So, note to self (and to whoever is reading): do not dismiss the alcoholic sports fan just yet! After all, don’t our dads also watch sports, love cars, drink beer, burp and pick their noses in the car when they think nobody is watching? And do we love them to death? YES! Why? Because they are there for us when we need them. And shouldn’t that be the dream? Shouldn’t that be the white picket fence fairytale that romance is all about? Well, just a thought…

Is this really it?

So here it is! I am 26, single and forced to live with a noisy roommate because all that money that I always thought I would earn, still hasn't visited my bank account yet. At 16 I thought that I would be a grown woman by now; successful, married, the whole sh’bam. Reality? Guess again. I have 356 friends on Facebook, but stay indoors almost every weekend, watching movies or playing games on my phone with people I don't know...

Instead of writing all of this down in a sad little journal I keep beside my bed, I decided to share it with, well.. you. Because seriously; if I would be the only one feeling alone at times.. the whole digital networking thing couldn't possibly have survived. The key to it all is friendship. Everybody wants it, needs it and tries to find it. But even with friends you can feel alone sometimes. So, if you can't rely on your friends, should you become (as cliché as it sounds) you own friend?

To verify: this blog will not be about a stranger trying to better her life by quitting smoking, eating healthy, working out and being a better person in general. No! This blog will be about me starting to get that hint of arrogance back that all single ladies approaching 30 need at times ;) Let's think about ourselves for a change! Agreed?